An Explanation Of The Cedar Finance Brokerage Firm

This cedar finance review will work to reveal the truth about the binary options trading platform in whole. Many people voice their complaints about cedar finance as being a scam, however, a scam will usually involve money being taken from one individual and given to another individual without any explanation of where the money has gone. In this sense, Cedar Finance is not a scam, the company seemingly just has no idea what they are doing. If you are looking for binary options trading, than Cedar Finance is the last place to go. The method in which Cedar Finance has gotten their name out to the general public is shady to say the least. It is as if Cedar Finance tried to go from zero to hero in under one day!

The site suggests many illegal back linking methods, which have been used by Cedar Finance to increase their search engine rank and this become more visible to the public eye. However, this has backfired because the Cedar Finance website now is both outdated and very, very slow! The cedar finance website has a simple design, but the load time is awful and a simple search engine search for Cedar Finance will give you every reason not to pick them as your binary options broker. Traders from the United States are accepted, although the amount of users Cedar Finance has from the United States must be low, given the fact it was founded less than five years ago and has no positive credibility within the brokerage industry at all.